Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Learn Blogging - March MAG Meeting

Tonight's meeting was amazing and you really missed out if you were not here.
  Jill Palumbo, local jewelry-making sensation, shared her blogging know how, and everyone will be heading home to make their blogging dreams come true.
We met professional artist, Bill Inman, who has been painting for more than thirty years.

We also made great plans for the coming year.

Upcoming events for our group:
Liz Guntle, artist educator, will be sharing her classroom and kiln in April.  We will be making slump bowls and pot huggers.
Later on we will be revving up for Minnetrista's Garden Fair and participating in hands-on workshops.

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  1. Well, Guild members, I enjoyed learning about blogging! Jill did a fantastic job! I must admit, I did not think blogging was for me, but now I'm not so sure. I have saved this as a blog to follow - my first one! - so we'll see. I sincerely hope this becomes a place for MAG members to talk about and show work. I double-dog-dare you!!